Why are Cookie Time Bakery cookies so special?  It’s the butter!

We start with pounds and pounds of butter.  In fact, most of our cookies have far more butter than sugar in them, so they taste more rich than sweet.  All the cookies are scooped by hand, shaped by hand, filled by hand, then dipped and decorated by hand.  It takes time and it’s hard work, but the result is cookies that are extraordinary!  We have a dazzling array of cookies, from sophisticated florentines and chocolate filled macaroons, to simple favorites likes chocolate chip and ginger molasses, plus many seasonal butter cookie cut-outs.  We also have a number of flourless cookies; all of our macaroon varieties  have no flour.  With over 40 varieties, we have a cookie for every craving.  When you eat a cookie from Cookie Time Bakery and savor the wonderful flavor, you will have a truly enjoyable cookie experience!

The cookies taste best when eaten within two weeks, but they are usually gobbled up long before that.  The cookies keep just fine at room temperature.  If you need to you can freeze them if you wrap the box in plastic or foil.

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The Cookies

 Butter Cookie Cutouts